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Air Pressure

November 4, 2011

4th November 2011 – 12th February 2012

‘The sound of the sky being torn.’ This is how the writer Kurt Vonnegut described the sound of overflying aircraft. It is a perception borne out by the adverse health effect of long-term exposure to aircraft noise, a subject explored by this installation, the outcome of a collaboration between acoustic science, sound art and anthropology.


Those who have contributed to this project and installation are:

Professor Kozo Hiramatsu – Japan Society for the promotion of science.

Professor Toshihito Matsui – Graduate School of Engineering. University of Kyoto, Japan.

Eisuke Hayashi – Narita Project Manager

Asako Murakami – Translator

Kaori Inomata – designer and illustrator.

David morris – Curato.

Luke Lovelock – Technician

Susan Brook – Editor.


For more information on Air Pressure  please Click Here


To book email:

or Telephone : 0161 275 7450

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