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Reflecting on last week’s Raw Social + Alternative Camera Club with James Barnor and The Portrait Salon

July 26, 2012

In all the excitement of last Saturday we almost forgot to write about it too! Thanks to everyone who came and shared this unique event with us. We were delighted to have a very personal and heartfelt chat with James Barnor as he himself flipped through his most prized photographs and told us the stories of how he got through where he’s been. His love for Ghana as well as for his craft really inspired us, and he took us through the ages of photography, from plate photography to roll film. We saw images of his childhood and family, his Ever Young studio, his witness of Ghana’s independence movement, some of the important African political figures from the time, photos from fashion and cover shoots, and so much more. His down to earth attitude and big smile made us feel like we were there on the scene, watching on as he adjusted his camera lens on some of the most important political and cultural figures from the ’50s through the ’80s.


Photo credit: James Barnor

James Barnor addresses Whitworth Art Gallery

Then, to bring us back from our transportation in time, we were delighted to have The Portrait Salon come in and tell us about themselves. Being just one year old, they came together to provide an alternative to the ever prestigious (and almost impossible to achieve) Taylor Wessing prize for portrait photography by the National Portrait Gallery in London. The Salon instead selects the best portraits among those rejected by the Gallery panel, giving them a different platform to be judged upon and displayed. This salon des refusés is already generating an incredible following, and the photographs are just stunning! We really admire their ambition and wish them well!


Photo credit: Portrait Salon

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