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Tuesday, September 4th: We Face Forward Toward the City workshop

August 3, 2012

On the 4th of September We Face Forwad Toward the City (curated by E6 Lab and 5 North Architects) will host a day of debate, discussion and creativity around the theme of ‘Urban West Africa’.

You can join in to contribute to this informed discussion, or you can come along to spectate and learn something new. We are calling for participants to contribute 10-30 min talks on issues relating to a range of areas (from architecture, energy, sustainability to art/culture and politics) that explore emerging forms of urbanism and urban cultures from the cities of the region.


Architecture and Sustainability
1pm to 2pm

Architecture from West African Cities
David Pound, Architecture for Humanity
Kathleen Carthy, 5 North Architects

Energy challenges and opportunities: a case study of The Gambia
Anne Schiffer, Leeds Metropolitan University
Urban Issues
2pm to 3pm

Lost Freetown: Urban planning in Sierra Leone
Nazia Parvez, Brightstar Media

Climate change and cities in West Africa
Jonathan Silver, Durham University
Urban Cultures
3.30pm to 4.30pm

Shooting Freetown: documentary film & collaborative media-making in urban Sierra Leone
Kieron Hanson, Manchester University

Cultural development and Arts Networks in West Africa
Espera Donouvossi, The Arterial Network
4.30pm to 5pm
Discussion, next steps

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Photo credits: We Face Forward Toward the City
Wednesday, September 5th, 1-5 PM, FREE
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