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Redeye Career Development Workshops

September 7, 2012

Calling all budding photo artists! The Redeye Photographic Network is holding a series of career development workshops between October 3rd and February 6th to help you gain control of your career in photography.

The workshops are aimed at any photographer or artist who is considering, or has recently started, working professionally, selling their work, collaborating with others, or who wants their work to be seen more widely and taken more seriously. They look in detail at the key business and professional requirements of practicing photographers. Led by a range of experts from the world of photography, the arts and creative industries, this series fills the knowledge gaps to make sure you are given the very best information and guidance to support your creative careers.

Taking place from October 2012 to February 2013 in Manchester, you can pick and choose the subjects you need to know more about, or save money by booking the complete series.

Here is the full programme breakdown, with costs:

Programme Breakdown:

1. Overview: What you really need to know
3 Oct 2012, 14:00-16:00 (£10/£7.50/£5)

2. Marketing & Networking
17 October 2012, 10:30-17:00 (£40/£30/£20)

3. Business set-up & Collaboration
31 October 2012, 10:30-17:00 (£40/£30/£20)

4. Pricing, Copyright & Legal
14 November 2012, 10:30-17:00 (£40/£30/£20)

5. Fundraising
28 November 2012, 10:30-17:00 (£40/£30/£20)

6. Getting Seen: Exhibiting & print sales
23 January 2013, 10:30-17:00 (£40/£30/£20)

7. Getting Seen: Publication in print & online
6 Feb 2013, 10:30-17:00 (£40/£30/£20)

Prices are for standard / concession / Redeye members.

All Sessions take place at Instituto Cervantes, 326/330 Deansgate, Campfield Avenue Arcade, Manchester, M3 4FN, UK.

Click here to buy tickets for the complete series at a reduced rate: £200 standard, £160 concession, £120 Redeye member.

See further details on each workshop session on the website here.

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