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We Face Forward: A West African festival in Piccadilly Gardens

September 8, 2012

To mark the grand finale of We Face Forward, we’re throwing a party in the park! Piccadilly Gardens will host a West African festival to invite everyone to join in and jubilate over the success of this summer’s exuberant exhibition.

We Face Forward: A West African Festival will feature a main music stage with host DJ Mayeva and headline act Jali Nyonkoling Kuyateh, drumming, dance, Djembe and Dun Dun workshops as well as West African inspired art and craft activities and food.

This fabulous, outdoor, all-day event will include such workshops as:

Body Stamps, with artist Paul Robinson

Inspired by the themes of the exhibition that look at environmental sustainability and the migration of cultural values, local artist Paul will ask you to pick up objects from the local area (like leaves or items from the stalls) to create textures for prints. You will print these textures to drawings of feet/ hands that will then be cut out and hung around the local area. This work particularly links to the installation The World Falls Apart by Pascale Marthine Tayou.

Flag Pinwheels with artist Harriet Hall

Inspired by Ensemble by Meschac Gaba (the official We Face Forward flag), at this workshop you will be encouraged to create your own swirl of flags in a design that represents yourself. Inspiration can be found from anything at all! You can, for instance, reference the flag poster, places you’ve visited, places you’d like to go, and emblems that represent your own history or your family.

Sound Drawings with artist Luke Adamson

Inspired by Lagos Soundscapes by Emeka Ogboh, you will be introduced to drawing techniques and processes by answering the question ‘What’s your perfect place?’.  You will be encouraged to visualise sounds and smells that come to mind and making charcoal and pastel drawings through a process of working from a small A5 postcard to finishing off with adding to our wallpaper scroll that will be added to our website.

All are invited to join in the fun, celebrating the summer, the Olympics, and We Face Forward in one big fabulous festival.

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Photo credits: Jali Nyonkoling Kuyateh courtesy of Premasagar Rose, Sidiki Dembele, Jokeh Sillah

Saturday, September 15th, 1 – 6 PM, Piccadilly Gardens, FREE

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