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A postscript from the events intern

September 18, 2012

During the summer for We Face Forward I have been posting about many events on this blog though I’ve never actually introduced myself. I’m Sabeen, the events intern. Now that the exhibition is over I’m heading back to university for my final year, and not without a lot of pride for taking part in this fabulous production. And on this note, I’d like to write a bit about my unforgettable experience here before I log out.

I’ve learnt so much about just how much goes into an average day at the art gallery. It takes a lot of energy and dedication to put on events featuring world-renowned artists and being able to sit with them face to face and chat about art, completely for free. I’m so thankful of the opportunities I’ve had to meet so many inspiring creative people and to learn of their amazing interpretations of the world we live in. Where I come from in America no museums or art galleries are free, and opportunities to engage with artists in intimate talks and workshops such as we’ve had are costly and exclusive.

This summer, I say to my friends, is the summer I turned West African. I am so glad to let We Face Forward consume me, to the point of going on and on about my favourite pieces or upcoming events or background on certain West African nations to anybody who asked. Coming into work for me meant walking through a gallery full of pieces that I never saw the same way twice. Even hosting tours of the same few artworks over and over again challenged me to open my mind to new perspectives for the sake of saying something new.

And what made me really realise that art is truly everywhere was getting to know my coworkers. Everyone working the desk or out on the floor monitoring the spaces is an artist him or herself, and I’m so lucky to have made such talented friends! Thanks Ed, Steven, and everybody at the Whitworth for letting me be a part of this fantastic experience I’ll never forget.

All in all, that’s it for We Face Forward, and this is it from me. Now onwards to more wonderful future exhibitions, and remember to come support your arts! Britain is extremely blessed to have publicly funded galleries that house such a wide array of fantastic art. So go to your local art gallery, and keep going, and if there’s something that you’d love to see there one day then tell someone!

With lots of love and hope for the future of art,

Sabeen K.

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