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Tuesday Talk, October 30th: Swetlana Heger

October 23, 2012

Join us next week as we continue our Tuesday Talk series with contemporary artist Swetlana Heger.

Heger was born in the Czech Republic and is currently based in Berlin. Stuart Comer has described her work as treading ‘the porous boundaries between art, commerce and corporate patronage, teasing out the double bind that exists between these systems’. She has documented the fate of public sculptures in Berlin, melted down and remodelled according to the changing political climate. Heger is well known for her ‘Playtime’ series (2002), a set of collaborations with luxury brands ranging from Hermes to Adidas, in which the artist posed with various status objects.

Heger’s work explores the relationship between corporate sponsorship, consumerism and art structures and their co-dependency on branding. Her art practice also addresses the changing roles of a contemporary artist in a society increasingly influenced by consumer culture and capitalism. She earned a name for herself on the international scene in the mid-nineteen nineties. She is known for her profound and critical work of the system of visual communication, from fashion system to art, and for her analysis of concealed and invisible relations that power often hides. With her installations and her photograph editing, Swetlana Heger poses questions about the role of the contemporary artist and the aesthetic production under the conditions of global capitalism.

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Photo copyright: Swetlana Heger
Tuesday 30 October, 11 AM – 12.30 PM, FREE

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