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After Hours presents Lost & Found: Museums at Night. 17 May, 7.30pm-10.30pm. Free

May 1, 2013

After Hours presents Lost & Found: Museums at Night.

Friday 17 May, 7.30pm – 10.30pm.


Lost & Found: Museums at Night – Three days of after-hours events led by the artist Richard Wentworth celebrate the very best of our museums and galleries.



From the Mary Greg Collection of Handicrafts of Bygone Times, courtesy Manchester Art Gallery.

Photo by Ben Blackall.


A mystery tour, a people’s museum: an exhibition in a night.

This May, Manchester takes part in Museums at Night. With Richard Wentworth leading proceedings, the city’s museums and galleries stage a series of events over two evenings that celebrate the depth and diversity, the weirdness and the wonderfulness of the things that people are compelled to collect.

On Thursday 16 May, bring something curious to a collections booth at either Manchester Museum or Manchester Art Gallery, and in so doing create a people’s museum – your object will be “acquired” by the institution. On the same evening, take a mystery bus tour of Manchester. You won’t know where you’re going or why; all you need to know is that your bus follows a circuitous route devised by the artist Richard Wentworth.

On Friday 17 May, see the fruits of your collective labour. Richard Wentworth creates an exhibition in a night at Whitworth Art Gallery; the objects donated the previous night the raw materials for Wentworth’s show here. Watch one of Britain’s most successful artists at work; see how he uses the raw materials you supplied and take advantage of the other music and performance that brings the Whitworth to life late into the night.

We can’t tell you exactly what Museums at Night will entail, but we can tell you that you will be with like-minded souls. Like them, you might collect things in order to make sense of the world – or find your place within it. You might be cynical. You might be curious. You may end up finding without searching.

* Disclaimer: All objects donated to Manchester Art Gallery and Manchester Museum must be owned by the person donating them, and will not be returned. Photographs or representations of objects will also be accepted. All objects will be taken to the Whitworth Art Gallery on Friday 17 May to be used as part of Richard Wentworth’s exhibition, although not all may be used in the final exhibition. We regret that we cannot accept very large objects or objects made of organic/perishable material.

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  1. May 2, 2013 4:31 pm

    The 16th sounds fun – no doubt I’ll be thinking about my ‘curious object’ between now and then but it won’t be an item from my shoe collection!


  1. After Hours presents Lost & Found: Museums at Night, 16 May, 5-9pm | Museum Meets

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