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TUESDAY TALK: NANCY HOLT. Tuesday 14 May, 11am. Free

May 2, 2013
image – Nancy Holt
Tuesday 14 May, 11am to 12.30pm, free, no booking necessary
Whitworth Art Gallery
We are pleased to announce that Nancy Holt will be giving a very special Tuesday Talk. A pioneer in conceptual and public art, Nancy Holt is a key member of the Land Art movement, which began in the late 1960s with artists in New York taking their work out of the gallery and into the landscape. Holt will give a talk about her practice from her large-scale sculptural works in the environment, such as Sun Tunnels (1976), to her photography and smaller-scale gallery work. Whitworth Art Gallery is currently displaying  a selection of Holt’s photography and film, from Trail Markers (1969), made on visit to Dartmoor with her husband Robert Smithson, to Pine Barrens (1975), a portrait of an American landscape and people. Holt’s work is also currently on display in theLight Show at the Hayward and the exhibition Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson: England and Wales 1969 will open at the John Hansard Gallery, Southampton on 10 May.
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